Walking the Auckland Way 1 – 4 + Miles

The Auckland Way is a 4.3 Mile route between Bishop Auckland and Spennymoor. It features beautiful old bridges, the countryside and some stunning views.

The Auckland Way is a 4.3 Mile route between Bishop Auckland and Spennymoor. It’s a relatively easy walk along paved ground, under old bridges and through the countryside taking in some stunning views.

You can walk any distance of the route that suits you as it’s non-circular so if you want a 1 mile walk, head 1 mile down the path and then back again.


There’s parking at the very start of the route just off the roundabout on your way into Bishop Auckland, the parking is free however the route can be very popular so it may be best to visit during off-peak hours.

Walking the Auckland Way:

From the car park, head past the first entrance to a public footpath, and up the hill past the signs for the Auckland Way.

Follow the path as it works its way along towards Spennymoor taking in the scenery of the golf course, beautiful rolling hills and the historical bridges.

This is a great route for dog walkers, those out for a quick stroll or walkers / hikers looking to take in up to an 8 mile walk.

The map below shows the route starting from the car park and back. Although the route is paved it can be covered in leaves etc. so it’s definitely still best to wear hiking boots or wellies if possible. 

There are some good spots to sit on benches throughout the walk to take in the scenery. 

Also keep an eye out for the wildflowers and the sights out over the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. 

Transport to the Auckland Way:

The easiest way to get to the walk is to drive and park in the car park however Bishop Auckland has a well connected railway station if you’re willing to make the walk from the town. Additionally there are bus connections throughout the area from large towns and cities such as Darlington and Durham. 


The route is somewhat out of the way of major refreshment stops however there are plenty of places to grab something to eat or drink in both Bishop Auckland and Spennymoor. So for the walk itself it may be worth packing supplies but there are good spots to visit on both sides.


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