Beautiful Sycamore Gap Walk (Approx. 3.4 Miles)

Sycamore gap is where a stunning sycamore tree stands between two valleys along Hadrian's wall, this walk takes in parts of the gorgeous Pennine way.

Sycamore gap is where a Sycamore tree stands in a dip in the landscape along Hadrian’s wall. It offers stunning scenery and is visited by tourists and walkers year round.

It’s located near Crag Lough in Northumberland and as a regularly photographed location you may recognise the iconic location.

In this post we’re going to look at one of the walking routes that takes in the iconic location and highlight where to park, what to expect from the terrain and how long the walk is, so if you’re looking for a walk or a great family day out this is one to consider!

Starting the Sycamore Gap Walk

Starting the walk at Steel Rig Car Park, follow the path to join the Pennine way route. As you follow the path it rises steeply up the terrain and continues along to Milecastle 39 of Hadrian’s wall. Not long after this you will see the stunning sycamore tree, nestled amongst the greenery.

You can take this opportunity to get pictures or soak in the location, there’s another great photo spot as you approach the other side of the walk looking across at the tree.

After this follow the path back up the hill and continue along the top section that walks along above Crag Loch.

As you continue along the pennine way you will reach a section that turns and heads across a field towards the farm (see map).

As you head towards the farm follow along over the fields, keeping to the path until you reach a section that keeps the fence to your right.

As you make your way along this section, heading back to the car park some of the fields can end up quite muddy so be cautious.

You will eventually reach an even more clearly marked path that continues to the end of the fields and meets the road.

Once you reach the road, walk up the hill, being cautious to be aware of the traffic until you get back to the car park.


The terrain on this walk is extremely varied, from steep inclines to walks through fields that can be particularly muddy in the winter months as well as paved sections and clearly marked paths.

Local Refreshments:

There’s a pub close to the walk called the Twice Brewed Inn, they offer a place to take off your muddy boots and grab a few refreshments!

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