Beautiful Skelwith and Colwith Force Walk (Approx 3 Miles)

This walk takes in breath-taking views of Skelwith Force and Colwith Force. Two stunning waterfalls located in the Lake District close to Elter Water and Windermere.

This walk takes in breath-taking views of Skelwith Force and Colwith Force. Two stunning waterfalls located in the Lake District close to Elter Water and Windermere. So if you’re looking for a beautiful scenic walk, look no further!

A few bits of this walk can be a little tricky particularly around Colwith Force so please be sure to take precautions particularly in rainy or icy conditions.

The Walk to Skelwith and Colwith Force:

The walk begins at the Silverthwaite car park and crosses the road through a tree covered path. Following signs for Skelwith Bridge. Once you have crossed the bridge, follow the paths through the fields towards the metal gate with the public footpath gate to the side. 

Skelwith Force:

Walk through this and continue following the path ahead you will soon reach a bridge overlooking Skelwith Force. Head to the right of the bridge for one of the key vantage points of the waterfall from the rocks.

Once you’ve had a chance to look at the waterfall, or if you’re looking for an alternative view head over the bridge following the path up through the woods, as you walk here you should be able to get additional views of Skelwith Force.

Continuing the Walk to Colwith Force:

The walk then continues up through the woods until you read a gate that looks out over some stunning views. Follow the path through the fields across the grass taking in the beautiful landscape as you go towards the house.

Along the path in front of the house there’s a public footpath sign, follow this through to the next field. Follow the paths through the field as they wind their way down the hill and then back up. Follow the stile to the next path and keep heading around towards the left as you head into the grounds of Elterwater Park Guest House.

It’s important to be mindful here as there are guests and people living here so stick to the public footpath through the middle and keep heading towards the next field.

Head through the next field and over the stile into the woodland. Here the paths are quite steep and if the weather is wet or icy take particular care especially when coming back up this route.

After heading through the woodland walk towards the main road via the stile. Follow the road up the hill slightly towards Colwith bridge, taking care as it’s a busy road. After a short walk you’ll see the signs and the next stile towards the public footpath that heads up towards Colwith Force.

You can follow the path to the right which is the one that we’ve mapped, however there are other marked paths that lead round to the waterfall that may be less steep.

Follow the path as it winds through the woodland towards the waterfall, once you reach the waterfall there are multiple view points including those at the top of the waterfall that provide some great sights!

After this follow the route you came back through the woodland and fields to the Silverthwaite car park.


The best location for parking for this walk is Silverthwaite car park Payment is made via a machine which uses number plate recognition. Cash or contactless payments. £2 per hour. Payments can be topped up if you arrive back later than expected.


There are a couple of pubs and coffee houses close to Skelwith bridge which is near to the start of the walk, these could be a great place to stop and grab some refreshments.

Additionally the town of Ambleside is a few miles down the road and is packed with great places for refreshments.

There aren’t many places to stop along this walking route, so be sure to take refreshments with you if possible!


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