Best Time to Go Walking / Hiking in The UK

Rydal Cave is a man-made cave, it’s located above Rydal Water near to Rydal Town and Ambleside.

In this article we’re going to explore the best time to go walking / hiking in the UK. There are a few different schools of thought when it comes to this one and some would say the best time is all the time or any time however others prefer certain types of weather.

All Seasons / Any Time:

If you’re doing this though there are some things to think about which we’ve included below:

Winter Walking: 

Plan your walks around the time when it’s light outside.

Wrap up warm.

Bear the terrain in mind, it can be muddy, slippery or icy in the winter so be careful!

Summer Walking:

Use Sun Cream, even if it’s cloudy!

Take plenty of water with you.

Take other clothing / gear in case the weather changes.

Bring a hat to keep the sun off your head, face and neck!

Autumn Walking:

Take several layers as the weather can be varied.

Bear in mind that the sunlight hours will be reduced so walk on well lit paths or during daylight hours.

Spring Walking:

Take multiple layers for various weather conditions.

Be prepared for all weather and temperatures, take waterproofs and warm clothing.

Be sure to take enough water!

Walking at times best suited to the paths / trails that you’re walking:

Another good idea for working out the best time to walk in the UK is to base your optimal conditions on where you’re planning to walk. For example some areas may be particularly busy during holiday seasons, so walking outside of these times may provide the best experience.

Additionally some paths may be particularly tricky to walk when there has been wet weather meaning the summer months are ultimately the best.

How to Figure This Out:

Looking at resources specific to individual trails such as those from the National Trust or those in specific areas can help you to decide the best time.

A couple of great examples include:

Responsible Travel’s Month by Month Guide

The National Trusts Top Winter Walks

Walking in the Milder Months:

Some would argue that walking in the milder Autumn and Spring months is a good choice, these seasons offer weather that isn’t too warm or too cold, a reasonable amount of daylight and some beautiful scenery.

What We Would Recommend:

Walking / Hiking can be great any time of the year. If the weather looks reasonable and you’ve scoped out the paths that you’re walking to be sure they’re appropriate for the time of year we say get out and enjoy it whenever you can!

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