Beautiful Tunstall Reservoir + 1.8 Mile Walk

Tunstall Reservoir is located near to Wolsingham County Durham. The total area of the reservoir is 23.6 km². We've featured a 1.8 mile walk.

Tunstall Reservoir is located near to Wolsingham County Durham, it’s approximately 3.5km away. It was completed in 1879 and is in the North Pennines. The total area of the reservoir is 23.6 km².

How To Get There:

Leazes Lane will get you there from Wolsingham, it’s easiest to drive based on the location. However as it isn’t too far from Wolsingham you can get public transport there and walk or cycle. We would urge caution if walking as we haven’t highlighted a specific route. 


At the Reservoir there is parking along the road close to the main entrance. The parking isn’t signed or part of a dedicated car park so if it’s very busy parking may not be easy so you may need to find other parking locations. 

Other Things to See at Tunstall Reservoir:

It’s a popular bird watching and fishing area. It’s also popular for hiking and there are other routes throughout the surrounding woodland and beautiful scenery.

Walking Route:

The walk around Tunstall reservoir is approximately 1.8 miles it’s a relatively moderate walk due to the range of terrains. There are some substantial uphill sections and walks across uneven woodland so it’s best to be prepared for it to be muddy particularly if it has been raining. Additionally we would advise bringing supplies such as water as there isn’t anywhere at the reservoir to stop for refreshments. Explore the route with the map below:


Overall Tunstall Reservoir is a fantastic walking location. The scenery is fantastic and the location is generally easy to get to. It’s not an overly long walk and whilst it’s challenging at points the distance is a good amount for beginner to intermediate level walkers. For picnics and days out it’s also a fantastic option.

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