A Beautiful Circular Saltburn Beach Walk (Approx. 3.8 Miles)

Saltburn is a beautiful coastal town located near Redcar in North Yorkshire. The classical architecture, and beautiful beach offers great place to walk!

Saltburn-by-the-sea is a beautiful coastal town located near Redcar in North Yorkshire. The classical Victorian architecture, iconic cliff-side lifts and the beautiful beach views draw in holiday makers, walkers and beach goers alike.

The Start of the Walk

This walk starts along the marine parade. You can park here or in a few other places around the town which we’ve covered in the accessibility section. From here you then follow the pavement along the Marine Parade until you reach Milton Street.

Turn right and walk along Milton Street for a short while until you reach the start of the public footpath.

The Footpath Through the Allotments 

This footpath winds through a number of allotments and then carries on with the railway to one side and fields to the other until you reach the road at Howard Drive. This road is through a residential estate so be considerate as you walk through here. Once you reach the top of the road, turn left onto Windy Hill Lane.

Not too far along this road, turn right down the clearly marked public footpath and follow the path in a relatively straight line as it winds along the tops of the cliffs. Eventually, the path curves to the right or heads on via a slightly more rural path.

Walking Down to the Beach

Follow this path as it winds to the right and then again as it winds to the left and then straight down onto the beach.  Here, there are some beautiful views along the beach towards Saltburn Pier with the cliffs in the background.

The path then follows the beach all the way along until you get back to Saltburn Pier. Make your way up along the promenade where you can stop for refreshments at the shops or simply take the opportunity to soak in the views.

To head back to the start of the walk, make your way up the cliff via the steps not far after this you will be back at the Marine Parade.


There is a reasonable amount of parking along the Marine Parade road, or alternatively there is a car park on Milton Street near the train station.

The train station is a short walk from the Marine Parade and there are local bus links direct to the town.

There are amenities including shops, public restrooms, surf hire and amusements along the main promenade at Saltburn. For the majority of the rest of the walk there are no other major amenities so it’s best to get drinks etc. at the start or end of the walk.

Parts of the walk can be slightly tougher to traverse if the weather is particularly wet, however generally it’s a highly accessible walk year round. 

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