Enjoy Epic River Views With The Teesside Princess

The Teesside Princess is a leisure cruiser that can carry over 100 passengers. Docked on the banks of the River Tees in Stockton, enjoy a gorgeous river trip.

The Teesside Princess

The Teesside Princess is a leisure cruiser that can carry over 100 passengers. Docked on the banks of the River Tees in Stockton, the Teesside Princess has become an iconic sight that is very popular with locals and visitors alike. The boat sails all year round and offers scenic views of the river from Stockton to Yarm whilst giving visitors the opportunity to spot local wildlife such as swans, ducks and kingfishers. You can book onto one of their many relaxing river cruises down the River Tees throughout the year and be part of the many thousands of people who have enjoyed this experience. The interior of the boat is warm and comfortable, with seating upstairs and downstairs. There is a fully stocked bar serving soft drinks, hot drinks and alcohol and an onboard kitchen for catering.

Relaxing River Cruises

The Teesside Princess is available for hire for private events such as parties, wedding receptions and corporate events. However, they regularly hold cruises for guests to book onto. These events include 3 hour cruises down the river and can incorporate Sunday lunch, afternoon tea or themed lunches for Christmas, Halloween or Mother’s/Father’s Day! The Teesside Princess sails not only throughout the day, but also in the evening and offers themed cruises such as 80s disco, Murder Mysteries and Swing Music Evenings including entertainment. Please visit their website or Facebook page for the most up to date information about upcoming cruises and prices.


The Cruise Along the River Tees

The Teesside Princess is moored on the riverside in Stockton where passengers will embark the boat before heading off on their wonderful journey down the River Tees. As the boats begins to drift gently away from the riverside, be sure to look out for the families of swans that inhabit the waters here. It now begins to make its way down the Tees, under Victoria Bridge and towards Thornaby on your left-hand side. Once the boat has passed under the bridge of the A66, this is where your cruise truly begins.

The riverbanks move from the industrial visage of Thornaby to the lush green trees and bushes inhabited by many birds and rabbits. You will pass many fishermen sitting on the banks of the river and may be able to spot kingfishers leaping from the water below. As you begin to head towards Ingleby Barwick, you will pass Bowesfield Marsh on the right-hand side.

Preston Park & Eaglescliffe

Here, you may spot some more of the wonderful wildlife native to this area. The River Tees bends beautifully as it makes its way towards Preston Park and passengers can enjoy seeing the reflection of the trees in the tranquil water. At Preston Park, look out for the abundance of swans and geese being fed at the dock and the small rowing boats drifting gently down beside you by eager and excited families. The best spot onboard the boat is undoubtedly the top deck. Take a seat upon the open-air deck at the rear of the boat to truly take in the stunning sights this area has to offer.

Sights to look out for as the boat meanders round the bends of the river, are the incredible houses which back onto the river with small boats docked at the ends of their garden. You will also be able to spot Eaglescliffe Golf Course, Teesside High School and rolling fields of crops.

Cruising Through Yarm

As the boat approaches Yarm, you may spot some of the pupils from Yarm School practising their rowing skills along the river. You might even be in the water with a future Olympic rowing champion!

The banks of the river in Yarm are beautiful and you can take a look at the many more houses here which lead down onto the river. Once you arrive in Yarm, the boat will begin to turn and make its way back to the start.

Be sure to look out for paddle boarders in the water here as it is a popular spot for locals who enjoy this sport. The Teesside Princess will now make its way back through the lush greenery on either side and you will have the opportunity to spot things you missed on the way down the river. Once you are safely back in the waters in Stockton, the boat will continue upriver towards the famous Tees Barrage – home to state of the art white water rafting facilities.

The Infinity Bridge

You will pass under the striking Infinity Bridge which has become a symbol of the Stockton riverside for many years now as the grounds of the prestigious University of Durham come into view on your right-hand side. Once you reach the Tees Barrage, your cruise will begin to come to an end as the boat turns and heads back to its docking site.

This is your final opportunity to take in the beautiful sites on offer before returning to your seat and docking gently on the riverside. There is no doubt that the Teesside Princess offers something unique, special and unforgettable, even for those who have lived in the area for many decades. It takes you into areas you didn’t realise existed and offers varying viewpoints of Teesside at its finest.


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