View Beautiful Scenery from Brant Fell During 2 Mile Walk

Brant Fell is a hill in the Lake District, it’s 629 feet high and takes in some truly incredible views over Lake Windermere and the Lake District. As the subject of Wainrights book, The Outlying Fells of Lakeland, it’s not hard to see once you walk to the top, the views really are exceptional. It’s located just a 1 mile walk from the town of Bowness-on-Windermere.

In this article we’ll share some pictures of the views to tempt you into taking on the walk yourself and describe the route as well as provide a map, parking information and other useful details!

The Route:

Starting from the Lakeside Promenade in the Town where many of the coaches and boats come in (shown on the map), walk up lake road towards kendal road. Keep walking up kendal road until you reach a left turn into post knott.

At this point the route starts to get steeper, make your way up post knott as you walk along there’s a cut to the side of a property with signs for brant fell view point.

Head up the steps here towards the gate, after passing through the gate continue to the right along the woodland trail. There are other trails ahead of you but they’re much steeper. As you continue along the trail it continues heading up through the woods until there’s a section you can go forward at or follow sharply round to the right.

Follow the path round to the right continuing to head through the woods until you reach the next section, you’ll reach a clearing that heads out of the trees and there is another gate in the distance straight ahead.

Walk towards this, then follow the marked out grass routes up the hill and you will soon see the top of Brant Fell. Looking out over the top of Brant Fell you can see a huge amount of Lake Windermere and the stunning surrounds of the lake district.

After this follow the same route back.

Useful Tips:

This walk is really quite steep and you ascend quickly, so we would recommend taking enough water with you and leaving more time for the walk than you might normally for a 2 mile walk.

Good footwear such as walking boots makes a huge difference on this walk, due to the steep terrain particularly after periods of wet weather the ground can be quite slippery and the majority of the walk is over grassland and through woodland.

Transport, Refreshments, Parking:

The walk starts close to Bowness-on-Windermere, there are a number of bus routes, dedicated coach trips and boat trips to this location so it’s relatively easy to get to as far as the lake district goes.

In terms of refreshments as mentioned above we would recommend taking some with you on the walk, however both before and after there is a wealth of pubs and cafes in Bowness perfect for a snack after your walk.

Parking can be very busy within the town, there is parking located along Glebe Road and Rectory Road which is potentially the closest to the start of the walk. Additionally there are multiple car parks in Bowness including two on Fallbarrow road also close to the start of the walk.

Most parking has a charge however for National Trust members there is a car park located within a field along Glebe Road, if you have a membership it’s free, otherwise there is a charge for non members.


Although quite a steep walk it’s worth it and makes for a great activity whilst visiting Bowness. The views from the top are worth the walk and the proximity to the town means you don’t have to wait long to grab a drink or something to eat after taking in the views.


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